Our Services

Initial Consultation – 60 minutes

Are you interested in how health coaching can help you? Schedule a one-on-one session, lasting one hour, to discuss where you are and what your goals are. During this Initial consultation you will learn who we are, and how we will be able to mentor and support you through the development of your healthier lifestyle. It is not just about picking and choosing the right food, it is navigating through all of your ups and downs, busy schedule, living your normal life, etc. During this session we will listen to your challenges, and give you an insight to our approach to helping you get to where you want to be.

$50 – Applied to first month of either 3 or 6 month program

Getting Healthy – 3 Month Program

Not ready to commit 6 months but still looking to get started or to continue the journey to good health and happiness. We will work together to help you reach your heath and wellness goals.

$150 per month

• Two 50-minute personalized sessions per month for three months
• E-mail support between sessions
• Recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare to support your new healthy lifestyle
• Coaching support as you make the dietary and lifestyle changes right for you
• Tips and tricks to help you reach your goals
• Simple and informative handouts that will increase your nutrition knowledge plus links to more information
• Access to our monthly newsletter
• Our personal commitment to your health and success

• 50% off a 50 minute follow up session to use within 6 months of completing the program


Buddy Program – 3 Month Program

Research shows working with a buddy increases your success

Looking to make lifestyle changes to improve your health and fitness, reduce weight, increase energy, beat cravings? Why do it alone? Research shows that working with a buddy increases you chance of success. You and your buddy will support each other in the changes you are trying to make. He/she is someone to share your successes with and be there for your challenges. Your buddy needs to be someone you won't want to disappoint – someone who is not afraid to tell you as it is.

$100/person/month – based on 2 people

Two 60 minute sessions per month for three months

Sessions Include:

  1. Getting Started...Eating Healthy
  2. Protein...Carbohydrates...Fats
  3. Food...Mood...Cravings
  4. Relationships and Nurturing Yourself
  5. Healthy on the Go
  6. Wrap-up... Where to go from here


Also included:

• E-mail support
• Goal Setting
• Informational Hand-outs
• Recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare
• Tips and tricks to help participants reach their goals

Assistance to Medical Providers

Are you a doctor or other health care professional who encourages your patients to live a healthier lifestyle, but just don’t have the time to educate and guide them so that it actually happens? We can help – whether it’s by providing general education to a group or one-on-one counseling in support of a specific program developed by you. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about ways that we may be able to assist your patients.


Audrey has taught a variety of fitness classes and has provided training to other group-exercise instructors. She continues to be recognized as a top-notch instructor and a knowledgeable source who is valued for her expertise. If you run group-exercise classes and would like to provide training to your instructors, please contact us.

Grocery Store Tour

Receive one-on-one guidance through the grocery store of your choice and learn how to shop comfortably and confidently for the foods your body needs. Health Coaches of Delaware will provide you with budget-friendly shopping tips, assist you with reading nutrition labels, and even help you develop a comprehensive grocery list!

• Discover simple ways to eat healthy while still saving money.
• Receive a comprehensive grocery list to fit your needs
• Discover the best brands to look for
• Learn healthy recipe substitutions
1.5 hour trip to the grocery store of your choice, or I can pick one!

$125 – if within a 15 mile radius

Corporate Wellness

Research shows that a healthier workforce is a more productive workforce.  Could you reduce your healthcare costs if your employees had healthier lifestyles?  Health Coaches of Delaware provides nutritional seminars, cooking demonstrations, workshops and classes to benefit your business and help your employees lead healthier, happier lifestyles.

Please contact us for more information and pricing

Achieve Balance

Increase Energy

Accomplish Goals

Nourish Body

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