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Leeks – Related to onions and garlic.  Unlike onions and garlic, the edible portion is the leaves and stems rather than the long, narrow bulb.   Leeks have a long white cylindrical stalk of superimposed layers that flow into green, tightly wrapped, flat leaves.  Leeks are a good source of vitamins B6 and C and folic acid.  They are also a good source of minerals, manganese, and iron and a good source of dietary fiber. 

How to buy/store: A leek should have broad, dark, solid leaves and a thick, white neck, with a bulb about 1 inch in diameter.  Avoid leeks with yellowing, wilted or discolored leaved.  Fresh leeks should be stored unwashed and untrimmed in the refrigerator, where they will keep fresh for 1 to 2 weeks.  Cooked leeks are highly perishable and will stay fresh for only a couple of days.  Leeks may be frozen after being blanched for 2 to 3 minutes.  Frozen, they will keep for about 3 months.

How to use:  Leeks can be used similar to onions.  Add to salads, soups or your favorite stir-fry.

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