Kale Soup

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2 quarts chicken brothKale soup 3 small red or white potatoes – chopped or sliced, however you like them
2 medium onions – sliced thin.
4 cloves garlic – I like them crushed but you can dice, too
1 lb. kale – I like fresh
2 bay leaves
1 lb. of good chorizo – chopped in 1 in. pieces with the casing off
1 can red kidney beans (but I’ve made it with garbanzo, too, and I’m sure navy beans would work as well)
2-3 sliced carrots
Coarse salt and pepper to taste.

Throw it all in your cast iron pot, or slow cooker, or whatever you use to make your best soups, bring it to a boil for a little bit, then simmer until your kitchen smells great and you can’t stand it anymore.

Thank you Vicky Huestis for your great recipe



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